IP Strategy

For most early stage companies, developing an intellectual property strategy is a critical business plan component.
For many, the necessity of this strategy is not recognized until patent or trademark filing and prosecution fees begin to compete with funds for other business initiatives.Establishing an IP plan early in business development is not only key to protecting a company’s most valuable assets, it is critical to setting and conforming to an operations budget.

In assisting with development of your company’s patent strategy, we begin by gaining an understanding of both your business and IP goals. We understand that these can be equally important yet competitive interests, so we take a top-down approach to helping you set IP priority lists and timelines that keep your assets safe without interfering with the rest of your business.Don’t have a business plan? Not sure if you need or can acquire intellectual property protection? We can help with that, too. Here is a brief overview of our strategy development process:

  • Assess Business & Patent Portfolio Goals
  • Evaluate Company Assets
  • Procure Intellectual Property Protection (Filing & Prosecution; Limited Litigation)
  • Monitor Infringement & Provide Ongoing Business and IP Counsel